The Development Course of China’s Fun Underwear Industry

The demand for sex products is secretive, so there are also many concerns about the supply in the industry. Apart from the fact that condom advertising can be seen as straightforward, other related products can only be sold quietly.

Development c

From the underlying logic analysis, condoms can be overwhelming with witty and edgy advertisements because their intrinsic appeal is "safety", and whether it's sex toys or lingerie, their intrinsic appeal can only be "desire and sexiness".

For all humanity, advocating for "desire" with great fanfare is clearly not allowed by cultural and social norms, so no sexy lingerie has dared to openly establish a brand and promote it.

In 1986, China also issued relevant documents explicitly prohibiting the production and sale of items related to sex. It wasn't until 1993 that Beijing opened the first adult goods store in China - the "Adam and Eve Adult Goods Store".

In 1995, the production and sales of adult products were legalized. In 2003, the National Food and Drug Administration issued a notice on the non management of simulated sexual aids as medical devices, which allowed the production and sale of adult products as ordinary commodities.

In recent years, the hidden demand for lingerie, condoms, and various other erotic products has become increasingly large. Women's attitudes towards lingerie have also undergone a significant change.

Once upon a time, most users who purchased sexy lingerie were men or women with a partner, whose main function was to stimulate hormones and please the other party; Currently, more and more women are purchasing sexy lingerie to please themselves and "appreciate themselves".

Development b

According to market consulting firm iiMedia, sales of sex appeal products in China increased by 50% in 2019 to $7 billion, with a growth rate of 35% in 2020. In the past, loose and less exposed underwear was more popular in China, but now semi transparent and close fitting styles have become mainstream.

Due to the fact that sexy underwear is a consumable product due to its lightweight and fragile materials, there may be multiple repeat purchases, resulting in a huge and continuously growing demand for sexy underwear in the market.

Post time: May-06-2023